Dominique Serafini and Catherine Salisbury
​​​​​​​I'm from Canada and and Dominique is from France. We have a passion for the sea that both brought us to Bonaire, where we met some 20 years ago. Since that time, Bonaire is our second home. 

After living in many houses & apartments on Bonaire, we chose this apartment and I can safely say that it is the best of Bonaire!

We are both underwater artists. Dominique, who is world renowned, as an illustrator, author and painter, was part of Jacques Cousteau's team, where he produced a series of 17 illustrated books for children: I am an underwater photographer and mixed-media artist: 

We are also well known for DreamWrecks which was first a book about the most spectacular shipwrecks of Bonaire, Aruba and Curacao. It then became an international television series which is still playing (check out Amazon Prime for DreamWrecks) or our website for new stories about interesting wrecks around the world:

Our works are on the walls of the apartment. If you like anything you see, please let us know. Feedback is really important in the creative process. And we do sell our artwork. 

Catherine Salisbury - Bonaire Blue Zone at Sand Dollar
Bonaire Blue Zone
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